We focus on startups and stakeholders to support the act of bringing new ideas to life.

Software consulting is essential for any company looking to remain competitive in their industry. We can help you make informed decisions about technology usage, assess the quality of existing code and devise a strategy to ensure your technology projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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From Idea to Launch

For your startup

You are our main focus. From the concept phase to the A series, we got you covered with our top notch business and technical team

  • software architecture and concept for your idea
  • team selection, building, training, augmentation
  • project ownership and management, risk assessment and mitigation, business planning and financing
  • business plan execution, purchase management, infrastructure building
  • mentorship and leadership, goal alignment
Partnering for Success

For VCs and Investors

We understand the pain in assessing if your investment is safe and we are here to support you from seed rounds to A series due diligence

  • startup scouting and evaluation assistance, risk and opportunity analysis, technical audit, management and technical business soundness
  • startup kick-off and team buildup, technical best practices, mentorship, leadership, team augmentation
  • technical debt restructuring, management and team overhauls, digital transformations, cloud aware strategies, scalability consulting
Transform Your Business

For the enterprise

You are a well established company and you want to be prepared for the future. Or you want to experiment with a new innovation product. Or your industry and ecosystem gain velocity and you want to accelerate as well.

Either way, navigating novelty is time intensive and can shift your focus from your goals. Our team allows you to safely branch out until you are ready to merge the new ideas back into the main line.

  • building technical MVPs and innovation labs
  • transitioning from legacy systems to current best practices
  • re-inventing, re-branding and digital transformation journeys
  • cloud strategies and integrated data approaches
  • machine learning, process automation, connectivity
  • project planning and management, team support and augmentation

Code Review

Elevate your code quality and minimize risk with our rigurous code review service

Due Dilligence

Ensure the success of your tech investments with our comprehensive due diligence process.


Expertly crafted software solutions that scale with your business needs.


Strategic planning to help businesses successfully navigate new technology markets.

42 years of combined expertise

Or just about - we love round numbers.


We've worked in diverse industries, from social media to finance, and have experience navigating complex technical challenges across a wide range of different industries.


We've delivered successful software projects for over 25 clients in various industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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